Fairlight Bowls Club 50th Anniversary Year 1968 - 2018
Fairlight Bowls Club   50th Anniversary Year1968 - 2018 



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Bowls Drive with Fish and Chips      June 13th 2018

What a splendid afternoon and evening this turned out to be. Once again it was sunny for the bowls even if a bit of a chill set it in early in the evening. The winner after a close game was Penny Eveleigh, with Michele Lawrence getting the prize for the lowest score. We had 40 people sitting down to Fish and Chips. As usual this was fried on the spot by our friend Dean (The Flying Fryer). As ever it was delicious. This was followed by "Crumbles" and "Trifle" made by Dot James and Maureen Yellop. To finish the evening we had a singsong led by Dave Radford on the mandoline and great singing by Kerry Gentleman. A big thank you to everyone who helped make it such a good evening. 

The Open Tournament  June 3rd 2018

It may have been a month earlier this year, but we had the most beautiful of weather to welcome the 20 teams of players and plenty of spectators.

With each team playing 4 sessions of 6 ends, the result was in doubt right up to the final ends. The  winners were Alexandra Park Bowls Club and runners up were Spartan and LakesideBowls Club. All received vouchers, with additional wine for the winners.

While the matches were being played, there was plenty going on around the green. Raffles, Tombola's, cakes for sale, as well as other activities. We also had a great lunch supplied by Penny Kenward and her team. 

The lottery this year, again sponsored by the Brickwall Hotel was won by Terry and Dani Collins. We hope they enjoy their night at the hotel. The 2nd prize was won by Bill Barker, and the 3rd by Corinne Wheatley.

We also had 3 * £50 vouchers from our friends at Bella Vista. I know our Chairman won one of them, but will have to add the others later. 

There were numerous other prizes, all donated by our members. I must say that Derek Lawrence looked very sweet with his 2 Teddy Bears.

There are too many people to thank all individually, but a few must be mentioned. Colin Yellop who fronted the day, and organised the teams, Colin Fazackerly who not only prepared a great green for us to play on, but also sorted out all the scores on the day. Sylvia Reeves who managed to run 3, or was it 4, games. For everyone else who helped, donated prizes, food or money, a sincere thank you from the Club.

You will be pleased to hear that St. Michaels Hospice will be receiving a sizeable cheque in the near future. We picked St. Michaels as our charity in memory of Margaret Dove-Medows. I know she would have been very pleased with the result.

Monday May 28th 2018

Dogs and Bottles   

Once again we were blessed with beautiful weather, welcomed by both players and spectators. The Bowls drive consisted of 18 ends of triples with the teams changing every 6th end. The winners of the bowls were Joyce Parfitt, Andy Broadway and Roger Greer. 

Before the Barbeque our Chairman proposed a toast to celebrate the actual 50th Anniversary of Fairlight Bowls Club. What an incredible milestone to reach. We now look forward to the next 50 years. 

What a splendid barbeque it was. Prepared and served by Maurice and Sylvia Reeves, and Alec and Pat Weiss, we were treated to sausages, hamburgers, chicken and all the trimmings. Being washed down with plenty of wine, the noise level in the pavilion soon reached epic proportions. As an extra treat we had Plum crumble that Sylvia had prepared using plums from her garden.

All in all a smashing day.



Match Reports

14th July 2018

Sorry,  there have been no reports for the past couple of weeks. I will try to catch up. Today's Mermaid League Match at Tenterden was an extremely hot and closely fought game. With only a few ends to go, either side could have taken all the points. In the end, Fairlight did win on 3 of the 4 rinks, but Tenterden pipped us on the final score by just 2 points. However, an away win of 6 points to 4 was was an excellent result for Fairlight.


27th June 2018

The last game in June, and a Mermaid match at that. Today it was against a somewhat depleted Peasmarsh. Unfortunately they were unable to field 4 teams but did their best with 3. We did win 2 out of the 3 games and ended up with a score of 69 against the 31 of Peasmarsh. Final points score was 8 to 2 in Fairlights favour - a good home win.


22nd June 2018

After 4 excellent wins we came up against a good Clive Vale team today. For much of the match it was very close, but in the end we did not win a single rink, and lost by 51 points to 71 points. All the more disappointing as it was on our home ground. We look forward to meeting them at their own ground later in the season.


21st June 2018

It may have been the longest day but Fairlight only needed 2 or so hours to beat Alexandra Park on their own ground. We won 3  of the 4 games, and overall scored 82 points against 51 points. It was a great afternoon as we rekindled friendships of many years.


18th June 2018

What a day the players of Fairlight had today. It was very windy for today's Mermaid League match against St. Leonards, but the results all blew our way. Winning on all 4 rinks Fairlight won the match by 111 to 41, taking all 10 points. 


16th June 2018​

This Mermaid Match was held at Rye. Once again we won 3 out of the 4 games, but unfortunately, after a disappopinting last end when we lost 11 points, we were 1 shot short of Rye's total. However with 6 points to Fairlight it was a good result for an away game.


15th June  2018

The Fairlight Ladies spent a very enjoyable afternoon in Northiam. The end result was a win for Fairlight with 49 scored to Northiam Ladies' 29. Well done the Ladies.


12th June 2018

Today we spent the afternoon at Hollington Old Church. Before tea we were badly down on all 4 rinks but after tea  (cream scones and biscuits) we managed to up our game but unfortunately we still lost out to our friends at HOC .  We scored 58 to their 82.  

In spite of this it was a very enjoyable afternoon.


11th June 2018

We played our old rivals Iden this afternoon. It was a really great afternoon with some very close games. Unfortunately, we lost 2 games on the last couple of ends. However, we won overall with a score of 67 to 59, and ended up with 6 points to Fairlight and 4 points to Iden.


8th June 2018

Our ladies spent an enjoyable sunny Friday afternoon in Hastings but unfortunately we couldn't beat our friends at White Rock.The final score being 62 to White Rock Ladies and 36 to Fairlight Ladies


6th June 2018

3 of our 4 teams did not quite manage to master the slow green at Beckley. However the friendliness of the opposition made for a very pleasant afternoon. Final points tally in the Mermaid League was 2 to Fairlight and 8 to Beckley. We look forward to seeing Beckley back at Fairlight.


2nd June 2018

On Saturday 2nd  June we played against Winchelsea for the first time in many years for a new cup called the Winfair Trophy.

The game is played in two parts one at home and one away. This time we played at Winchelsea in glorious sunshine in a very close game. The game is played in a format of one each of singles, pairs, triples and rinks. The result was a narrow win by 3 points for Winchelsea. We now have all to play for at Fairlight in the second game in September.


It was good to meet new friends and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with Winchelsea club.”


30th May 2018

Not a good day for Fairlight. We were soundly beaten by our old friends at Pett. Various reasons were given, but I suppose the overiding fact was that they were better than us on the day. We look forward to meeting them at Fairlight later in the year. We lost on 3 rinks, and by a score of 47 to 92.


24th May 2018

No play at Guestling today due to rain. 


22nd May 2018

We had a really nice afternoon with our friends from Hastings Visibly Handicapped Bowls Club. We did win, but only by playing at our very best. It is always a pleasure to support their club, and we are hoping that we can arrange that their next match against will be played at Fairlight.


21st May 2018

For much of the match there was not a lot to choose between Fairlight and Gullivers. But as the sun beat down, Fairlight did get the upper hand. Winning 3 of the 4 rinks Fairlight won overall by 77 points to 50. Well done to everybody.



19th May 2018

Well done Fairlight, an outstanding game against our friends from Westfield. Winning on 3 rinks and drawing on the 4th led to a score of 76 points to Fairlight and 43 points to Westfield. 

15/16th May 2018

Mixed results from these 2 games. We managed to lose at home to Spartan and Lakeside, but just to cheer our Captain up managed a very good win away at Polegrove. 

9th/10th May 2018

Unfortunately we lost both of these games. The first at home on Wednesday against Hastings BC, and on Thursday, the away game at Gullivers. 


8th May 2018

Another Mermaid Match today, this time against St. Leonards. It was a beautiful day, and a pleasure to play on their green. It was a good result for us as we won on 2 rinks giving us a winning points total of 76 against the 68 scored by St. Leonards. Congratulations to the team of Dave Radford, Colin Fazackerley, and Colin Yellop who managed to score a "Hot Shot" (all 9 points) on one end.


5th May 2018

The first Mermaid Match of the year was against Staplecross. Unfortunately it did not go according to plan, and we lost on 3 out of the 4 rinks. Looking on the bright side, it was a beautiful day, and it was a close match, with Fairlight scoring 62 points against the 67 of Staplecross. 


3rd May 2018

The first match of the year was played at Alexandra Park against Clive Vale. After all the horrendous weather of the past couple of weeks, it was a pleasure to play bowls in the sunshine. It was a very tight match with Fairlight behind until the very last end. We won 2 rinks and lost 2 rinks, but overall scored 58 points to Clive Vale's 56. A good start to the 2018 season.


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