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Fairlight Bowls Club  2020

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To access FASTCourts please Click on LINK



All members should have receive an email from the Fastcout Website with link and login details (you can change password if you wish in my profile) If you have any problems please ring Derek on 01424 815009 or 07973469031


Please Report Match Results as before




At last the green will be available for limited use. Thanks to the efforts of Andy and others, the green is in great condition. Please take advantage of the opportunities mentioned below in notes from both our Chairman and  Club Captains.


FBC Competitions Rules 2020


The draws for the competitions will be on our website today. Please stick to the play by dates. To keep people involved we will be running a plate competition for each of the formats.  All losing players in the preliminary round and the first round will be entered into a new draw immediately after completion of the first round.


  • The player on top in the draw is the challenger and must:
    • Contact the other player(s) to arrange the match
    • Book the rink
    • Arrange a marker
    • Report the result on the website
  • Both players:
    • Decide who is responsible for which piece of equipment and set up the rink for play
    • Follow the procedures laid out for playing safe bowls
  • The Marker will:
    • Toss the coin
    • Choose the rink using the cards provided (disinfect please)
    • Centre the jack with the foot
    • Advise the players when asked
    • Measure as necessary with their own measure
    • Keep a scorecard


  • Dress code is white on top and grey below the waist
  • All competitions are capped at 2 hours.  The last jack must be thrown no later than 5 minutes before the end of the session.
  • We will hold some type of finals event, depending on the social distancing rules in place at the time.
  • Booking for competitions will be given priority over casual play. 
    • To facilitate this casual play bookings will not be added until 48 in advance
    • There will be a button on the booking form for competitions


Remember this is for fun - enjoy yourselves!


  • The handicap singles
    • Is played with 4 woods each
    • The difference between the handicaps will be added to the lower handicapped person at the start of the game
    • The winner is the first to 21 or the highest score after 2 hours.
  • The 100 Up
    • The 4 nearest bowls to the jack score 4, 3, 2 and 1 point respectively.
    • The winner is the first to 100 or the leader after 2 hours
    • If the game goes to the 20th end the winner is the first person to 100 points by adding the 4 points first then the 3 and so on.
  • The two woods
    • Is played with 2 woods over 21 ends
    • The player nearest to the jack scores 1 or 2 points
    • Scoring woods must be within 1 yard of the jack
  • The drawn pairs
    • Is played with 3 woods each
    • Is played over 18 ends or 2 hours
    • The difference in the sum of the handicaps is added at the start
    • The challengers keep the score



The green is now open for play to all members subject to the guide lines set down by the Government and contained in the “Rules for Bowling at the club   sent out by the Captains on 16 May 2020.  Don’t forget to book your rink if you wish to play; the details of which are on the Club’s web site.  This should help everyone to keep to the social distancing rule.  Sanitizers have been supplied at the club to try and keep everyone safe.

Let us hope that the rules are relaxed a little more in the future to enable more of us to once again enjoy our club and the game of bowls.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the captains if any of the above is not clear.


Pat Tulley


18 May 2020


You must book a rink as below:

  • On the Website go to page called “Practice booking
  • Fill in form which is Self Explanatory
  • All bookings will added as soon as possible
  • All bookings to be made 24hrs before the day requested
  • If within 24hrs and there are spare places please phone 01424 815009 or 07973 469031 and your name can be added “Please do not go to the club on the off chance”
  • As there can only be six people at each session please add a phone number so that you can be contacted to arrange an alternative time to suit.
  • Please be considerate to other members when booking so that everybody gets a chance to practice.


One person will open up the gate, the clubhouse and the toilet block. Hand sanitiser will be available after handling keys.


Players must bring their equipment for each game and change shoes outside.  Do not use lockers. Dress is optional except for shoes which must be bowls shoes.


Please use the mats that are in the bowl of soapy water replace them after use and top up with water if required. Do not use detergent as this could damage the green. 


The game will be played with your own woods and the jack(s). No other equipment is required and the equipment shed should not be used.  Move your starting point around to minimise wear. Each players’ woods should be either side of the rink.  You should not handle other players’ woods. Bowl a wood and step away. Only one player touches the jack (place one on completion of each end). If you wish to keep score, bring a pen and paper. At the end of your game disinfect the jack(s) with the spray provided.


The clubhouse is not to be used except for accessing keys and jacks. The toilet block should only be used in emergencies and wipe all surfaces after use with disinfectant supplied.  If you need refreshments please bring your own.


At the end of a session please leave keeping to social distancing rules.  Last person out make sure the jacks are away, any keys are disinfected and returned, lock the clubhouse and gate.  Wash your hands asap.


We hope these rules work for you.  If you have any suggestions please let us know.  We will update as we have any more information from the government or Bowls England.


Please abide by the rules and maybe they can be relaxed in the near future.


The Club Captains




Fairlight Bowls Club 2019 Finals

Saturday 31st August - Sunday 1st September


Once again the Finals lived up to the occasion. There were some brilliant and very close games, which were a joy to watch. Whether you won or lost, you were all brilliant. A big thank you to all the players, markers, scorers and general helpers who made it such a good weekend. A special thank you to those who prepared the buffet. 






 Ladies Singles


Penny Eveleigh   Vs  Sylvia Reeves

Marker:-  Gilda Pass          Scorer:- Hazel Lambie


Ladies Champion 2019 - Penny Eveleigh



 Men’s Singles


Joe Gentleman   Vs  Colin Yellop

Marker:-  Andy Eames          Scorer:- Maurice Reeves


Men's Champion 2019 - Joe Gentleman



 Champion of Champions


Penny Eveleigh   Vs   Joe Gentleman

Marker:-  Frank James          Scorer:- John Eveleigh


Champion of Champions 2019

Penny Eveleigh




Drawn Pairs


Penny Eveleigh/Mark Jarvis (16) Vs  Pat Tulley/Michele Lawrence (14)

Scorer:- Penny Kenward


Drawn Pairs Champions 2019 - Penny Eveleigh & Mark Jarvis



 Two Woods


Joe Gentleman   Vs  Mick Pugh

Marker:-  Rob Reeves          Scorer:- Bill Barker


Two Woods Champion 2019 - Mick Pugh



Handicap Singles


Penny Eveleigh (8)   Vs  Joe Gentleman (12)

Marker:-  Roger Greer          Scorer:- Georgie Piper


Handicap Singles Champion 2019 - Joe Gentleman



100 UP


    Vanessa Reid  Vs Colin Yellop

Marker:-  Andy Broadway          Scorer:- Shirley Geldart


100 Up Champion 2019 - Colin Yellop


Umpires:-  Dave Radford (Saturday) – Mark Jarvis (Sunday)


Presentation of a £900 cheque to The Demelza Hospice


You can now find if you are playing in matches at Team Selections.


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