Fairlight Bowls Club 50th Anniversary Year 1968 - 2018
Fairlight Bowls Club   50th Anniversary Year1968 - 2018 



SEPTEMBER 2nd and 3rd


What a great weekend. The weather was lovely, the green played well, and there were so many close games.

Congratulations to all who took part and those who organised the weekend.  Finally, thanks to all those who came to support the players.  For pictures of the players and officials, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.



Saturday 2nd September

Umpire:  Mr. C. Fazackerley

10:30 am    Ladies Singles

Mrs. P. Tulley     v     Mrs. V. Estcourt

Marker: Mrs. D. Reece            Scorer: Mrs. M. Dove-Medows

The Winner was Mrs. P/ Tulley   21 - 18  


10.30 am    Mens Singles

Mr. R.Greer     v     Mr. W. Copp 

Marker: Mr. M. Pugh          Scorer: Mr. M. Reeves 

The Winner was Mr. W. Copp   21 - 8



2 pm    100 Up

 Mr. C. Yellop    v      Mr. J. Eveleigh

Marker: Mrs. C. Wheatley             Scorer: Mr. R. Flatman  

The Winner was Mr. J. Eveleigh    104 - 96



2 pm   Drawn Pairs

Mr F James/Mrs. M Kavarana   v   Mr D Radford/Mrs. M Lawrence

Scorer: Mr. B. Barker  

The Winners were Mr. F. James and Mrs. M. Kavarana

21 - 18


Sunday 3rd September


Umpire:  Mr. C. Fazackerley

10.30 am     Handicap Singles

Mr. S. James   v   Mr. A. Eames

Marker: Mr. J. Mann          Scorer: Mrs. P. Eveleigh

The Winner was Mr. A. Eames  21 - 18 



10.30 am     2 Woods 

 Mr. R. Greer    v   Mr. D. Lawrence

Marker:  Mr. F. James        Scorer: Mrs. S. Reeves 

The Winner was Mr. R. Greer   14 - 5 



10.30  am   Champion of Champions

  Mrs. P. Tulley v   Mr. W. Copp

Marker:       Scorer:  

The Champion of Champions 2017

Mr. W. Copp   21 - 12






Other Prize Winners in 2017 

The Triples League​

Mrs. V Estcourt, Mrs. S Reeves, Mrs. M Lawrence

Mr. C Fazackerley and Mr. Ken Hales 


The Sparrow Cup 

The Winner 

Mr. David Radford

Runner Up 


The Juniper Cup 

This was won by 

Maggie Scott

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