Fairlight Bowls Club 2020
Fairlight Bowls Club  2020



SEPTEMBER 1st and 2nd


As seems to have been the case all this season, the weather was absolutely beautiful for Fairlight Bowls Club 2018 Competition Finals. With cloudless blue skies, and competition of the highest order, it was a great weekend.  The event was seamessly managed by Derek Lawence, and umpired by our very own John Mann. 

Thanks to Colin Fazackerly and his team the Green played really well, and was a great credit to them all. 

On both days, thanks to Joe and Kerry Gentleman, we had a splendid buffet with plenty to eat and drink. 

The games themselves were mostly very close, with in some cases the winners not being known until the very last bowl. The spectators were kept on the edge of their seats just wondering if their favourite would go home with the silverware.

The players and the winners are all listed below, as are the "officials" without whom it could not happen. 

Thank you to all those who came along to watch and support the players, nothing is better than getting a clap when that "special" shot is played. Perhaps next year, we can attract even more.

Photographs of the weekend can be found at the bottom of this page. Enjoy




Saturday 1st  September

Umpire:  Mr. John Mann

10:30 am    Ladies Singles

Mrs. P. Tulley     v     Mrs. S. Reeves

Marker: Mr. C. Fazackerly            Scorer: Mrs. M. Lawrence

The Winner was   

Mrs. S. Reeves


10.30 am    Mens Singles

Mr. M. Pugh     v     Mr. A. Eames

Marker: Mr. C. Yellop          Scorer: Mr. A. Vernon

The Winner was 


Mr. M Pugh.


2.00 pm     Handicap Singles

Mr. R. Greer   v   Mr. J. Gentleman

Marker: Mr. F.James          Scorer: Mr. A. Broadway

The Winner was 

Mr. R Greer

2 pm   Drawn Pairs

Mrs. M. Scott / Mr. D. Radford  v   Mr. G.Davis / Mr. A. Eames

Scorer: Mr. B. Barker  

The Winners were 

Mr. G. Davis & Mr. A. Eames



Sunday 2nd September


Umpire:  Mr. J. Mann



10.30 am     2 Woods 

 Mr. R. Flatman   v   Mrs. S. Reeves

Marker:  Mr. F. James        Scorer: Mrs. D. Phillips

The Winner was  

Mr. R. Flatman


10.30 am    100 Up

 Mr. D. Radford   v      Mrs. M. Kavarana

Marker: Mr. D. Lawrence            Scorer: Mrs. M. Lawrence

The Winner was  

Mrs. M. Kavarana



1.00 pm   Champion of Champions

Mrs. S Reeves   v   Mr. M Pugh

Marker: Mr. J. Eveleigh       Scorer:  Mrs. P Eveleigh


The Champion of Champions 2018

Mr. M. Pugh



Other Prize Winners in 2018 

The Triples League​

The Winners were TEAM B 

Roger Greer, Ray Weston, Penny Kenward,

Joe Gentleman and George Davis 


The Sparrow Cup 

The Winner 

Derek Lawrence



The Juniper Cup 

This was won by 

Andy Broadway​

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