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Fairlight Bowls Club Newsletter April 2019

Dear Members

The season has started well with the opening being well attended and the bowling was good – the green is as fast as I can remember for so early in the season.  The Captain is very pleased with the response to the practice sessions.

Keep signing up for matches as they are posted on the board – we have been particularly short of ladies for Mermaid games.  The best team available will be chosen for each Mermaid match but the friendly matches will be spread to include everyone as soon as possible, so if you have not yet been selected then you soon will be!

Social Events

The first event is fast approaching on Monday 6th May – the Mayday Challenge.  This is fun bowls followed by filled jacket potatoes (vegetarian options will be available) and pudding.  Full details are on the web site and the notice board.  If you haven’t signed up yet and can’t get to the club then let me know and I will add you to the list. If anyone can help making a pudding I would be very grateful – please let me know (any expenses will be paid by the club).

Please make payments for the event to myself or put it in an envelope with your name and the event and post it into the red box in the club house.  I will pick it up from there.

The following event is the Dogs and Bottles on Monday 27th May.  Make payment for this event to Maurice or Sylvia Reeves in the same way as above. At the start of this event there will be a demonstration of how to use the defibrillator that is now located on The Club premises adjacent to the bowls club.  Given our age profile this may be very useful!  More details later.

We are holding an open afternoon on Saturday 11th May – open to all interested in bowling.  Can I ask that any member who is free join us to help introduce people to our club and bowling.  We start at 2.30pm.

Sparrow Cup.

The Sparrow Cup starts on Tuesday 30th April starting at 4.30pm.  There will be jacket potatoes and salad afterwards for those who would like to stay – cost of £4.  There will be meat and vegetarian fillings.  Please let me know if you are interested in eating.

From that date on, the Sparrow Cup will run on Friday and Sunday at 2.00pm and on Tuesday at 4.30pm (please disregard the times stated on the match card), on days when we do not have a club match.  Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start.

Web Site

There is now a password protected page on the web site where you can access the contact details of other members.  We will let you have the password on a separate email. There is also a page headed ‘Team Selection’ where you can see if you have been selected and who is in the team.  If you cannot get to the club to tick your name then let the captain for the day know.

Please note that the match start times as stated on the web site are correct – we have had several changes after the card was printed.

Club Keys

Penny Kenward has keys for the club house and for the spare lockers.  We should have enough spare lockers for anyone who wants one – just ask Penny.  We ask for a £5 deposit for keys.

Tea and Cleaning Rotas

These are now on the notice board.  If you have any problems with dates please let Sylvia Reeves or Michele Lawrence know. There will be notes on what to do adjacent to the rotas.

John Eveleigh


FBC Sparrow Cup 2019


This is a competition run through the year to help players to improve their game and for newer members to learn about rules and etiquette.

The format of this competition is similar to last year.

  1. It will run as a league with an overall winner and a monthly medal winner. 
  2. It will be handicapped to even out the teams.
  3. A committee member will be available to run each session. 

So the details:

The sessions will be

  1. Sunday 2.00 pm
  2. Tuesday  4.30pm
  3. Friday 2.00pm
  1. The teams will be picked in handicap order to balance the teams.  Any difference in the combined handicaps of each team will be added to the score of the lesser team at the start of the game.
  2. If there is an odd number teams will be picked in handicap order and the team with less players will have their final score reduced by 25% to reflect the fact that their players have more woods.  No shots will be added at the start of the game.
  3. Points will be awarded:
    1. 3 for a win
    2. 2 for a draw
    3. 1 a loss
  4. The league will be displayed in the club house (both monthly and cumulative). 
  5. There will be no restrictions on number of games played.  The more you play the greater your chance of winning.
  6. In the event of a tie the player with the least losses will be the winner.
  7. The monthly medals will be:
    1. May
    2. June
    3. July
    4. August
    5. September -  with the last session being on 22nd September
  8. The committee will commit to running the sessions at the committee meetings.

So – the more you play the better your chance of winning.




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