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Dear Member

We are now half way through the season and in normal circumstances I would be writing about our tournament day and the progress of the matches and competitions.  Unfortunately these are not usual times.  However, there is still a lot going on at the club since it re-opened. 

I am pleased that so many of you have been able to come to the club and have friendly roll-ups and that you have respected the new rules relating to Covid19.

The friendly competitions that have been arranged are under way and, again, these have been well supported.  Those members who have played their first round and been unsuccessful will be entered into the plate competition and will play again.  Will you please confirm to Derek that you wish to do so before the 9 July.

Dave Radford, Match Secretary, has been in contact with several clubs regarding the possibility of arranging some friendly games either at home or away. These will, of course be played following the Government guide lines for Covid19 whether at home or  away.  Dress will be greys and all matches will  comprise ladies and men. Would you please contact either Derek or Dave on or before 9 July  to let them know if you are interested in taking part in any of these matches.

On a personal note, I have agreed to coach for the club. Please contact me if you would like some coaching. I shall endeavour to set aside a specific day and time for coaching. Coaching is a continual process not specifically for beginners but to attempt to help resolve a problem (say) with delivery. If any of you are interested in becoming coaches and participating in the course, please let me know.  It is an interesting course which consists of qualifying as a Level One coach followed by a more intense course to become a Level 2 coach. It takes approximately two years.

I take this opportunity to wish you all good health and to keep safe in the forthcoming weeks.


Pat Tulley

Chairman (01.07.2020)   

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