Fairlight Bowls Club 2019
Fairlight Bowls Club  2019

Newsletter March 2019


Fairlight Bowls Club Newsletter March 2019

Dear Members

As I write the membership is approaching 50 bowlers for the new season – great – though we still can accommodate more if you have any friends who want to join.  A warm welcome to all new members.  We run a buddy scheme to help new members find their feet and our membership secretary will be arranging this.

Work on the preparation of the green and our facilities for our opening on 13th April are well under way – don’t forget the working party on Wednesday morning. Any help you can give is appreciated.  We meet from 9.00am.

We need a deep clean of the inside of the club house and the kitchen in particular, during week commencing 8th April. We will be contacting those who have volunteered to help with the cleaning to arrange a date.

The green opening format is weather dependent, but we expect to toast the green then bowl some ends and then have tea and biscuits.  Hope to see you there.

The new club shirts should be available from early April. We will let you know when they arrive. Please pay as you pick up your tops – cheques to FBC are preferable.

Sparrow Cup.

The Sparrow Cup format for this year is attached below.

Sessions this year will be Friday and Sunday at 2.00pm and Tuesday at 4.30pm.

Following a successful trial last year we will have food after the Tuesday session – jacket potatoes or barbeque.

Amendments to the card.

Saturday 18th May Westfield start time is 2.00pm.

Practice Sessions.

Practice sessions will start on Monday 15th April from 1.00pm to 3.30pm, and will run Monday to Friday for two weeks i.e. 10 sessions.  The aim is to get us up to speed as quickly as possible before our matches start – particularly the Mermaid League.  As always, team selection for the League matches will be based on ability and form, whilst selection for friendly matches will aim to make sure everyone who is interested will get to play.

The practice sessions will help the selection committee chose teams for the early matches so please attend as many as you can.

Signing up for Matches

This will be very similar to last year.  Match sheets will be posted in the club house and you can sign up to show you would like to play and you are available. Each match will have a match captain noted on the sheet and this is the person responsible for that match.

The teams are then selected by the selection committee and posted in the club house. Players are asked to tick their name to confirm that they are playing. If you cannot get to the club house then contact the match captain.

All matches have reserve players.  These will be selected on a rotation basis so the same person is not reserve too often.  When the team has been selected please do not make any alterations to the sheet without talking to the match captain and if you are reserve please do not withdraw without talking to the match captain.

Fairlight Village Summer Fair

We did such a good job at the Christmas Fair that we have been asked to do the food for the Summer Fair on Saturday 1st June. So, we will need some volunteers to help with the preparation and serving on that day.  Please let me know if you can help.

John Eveleigh


FBC Sparrow Cup 2019


This is a competition run through the year to help players to improve their game and for newer members to learn about rules and etiquette.

The format of this competition is similar to last year.

  1. It will run as a league with an overall winner and a monthly medal winner. 
  2. It will be handicapped to even out the teams.
  3. A committee member will be available to run each session. 

So the details:

The sessions will be

  1. Sunday 2.00 pm
  2. Tuesday  4.30pm
  3. Friday 2.00pm
  1. The teams will be picked in handicap order to balance the teams.  Any difference in the combined handicaps of each team will be added to the score of the lesser team at the start of the game.
  2. If there is an odd number teams will be picked in handicap order and the team with less players will have their final score reduced by 25% to reflect the fact that their players have more woods.  No shots will be added at the start of the game.
  3. Points will be awarded:
    1. 3 for a win
    2. 2 for a draw
    3. 1 a loss
  4. The league will be displayed in the club house (both monthly and cumulative). 
  5. There will be no restrictions on number of games played.  The more you play the greater your chance of winning.
  6. In the event of a tie the player with the least losses will be the winner.
  7. The monthly medals will be:
    1. May
    2. June
    3. July
    4. August
    5. September -  with the last session being on 22nd September
  8. The committee will commit to running the sessions at the committee meetings.

So – the more you play the better your chance of winning.




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